4 tips to increase your following on facebook

juli 3, 2017
juli 3, 2017 Mahyar

Increasing your following on facebook may sometimes seem like an impossible task. How can you possibly get your message out to new people with all the constant noice on facebook? We’re going to try and help you answer this question with 4 simple tips!

#1 Interactive Posts

An interactive post is a post that motivates people to engage with it. An example of this are the countless “tag someone who…” posts that are really popular on social media right now. The reason why these posts are so popular is because Facebook’s algorithm boosts the reach of posts that get a lot of interaction from followers.


#2 Facebook contests

People love free stuff. If you hold a contest on Facebook that allows people to win free stuff with little effort, it is bound to get a lot of interaction. Everyone already knows the concept: You like the page, you share the post and you get a chance on winning free stuff. This allows the page that holds the contest to get an enormous reach on their post because the friends of people who engaged with the contest will now also see it in their newsfeed and when they participate their friends will see it as well.

The key to a good Facebook contest is the prize. Your prize must be compelling enough to get people to like your page and share your post. For example, if you were to offer a 5 dollar fidget spinner, you wouldn’t get a lot of engagement because it’s not really valuable or special. If you were to offer a special fidget-spinner package, more people would engage with the post because they would want to win the prize!

#3 Live video

It’s been around for a while now and a lot of pages still don’t use it. That’s a missed opportunity because Facebook gives live videos a lot of attention at the moment. They do this to increase the popularity of live videos.

Livestreaming may look scary but i would suggest you consider using it for your Facebook page because it’s the only way to get a notification out to all your followers on Facebook. This can have a great impact on the reach of your Facebook page!


#4 Paid Advertising

On your Facebook page, you can choose the option “advertise your company” and after that “Promote your page”. You can make an ad for your page and then target it to people within a specified target audience. We personally use this to target entrepreneurs in our region, since this is our preferred target audience.

If the word “paid” scares you, don’t worry. You can choose how much you spend per day and the price you pay per conversion is depends on the quality of your ad and your target audience. If you pay a lot per click and you don’t know how you can improve your ads/target audience, you could always contact us trough our website or social media channels. We’d love to help you succeed!