How to get your first 100 followers on twitter

juli 12, 2017
juli 12, 2017 Mahyar

It may sound like a small number but in reality it can be quite hard to get your first 100 followers when you’re starting from scratch. When we first started on our twitter page we barely had any follower, except our own friends. In this article I will show you a few techniques you can use to get your first 100 followers.

Throughout this article I will be using the following tweet as an example. I will use it to demonstrate how to increase the exposure of your tweets.


Using the right hashtags

A tweet without hashtags is as good as invisible for anyone who isn’t already following you. When first starting on twitter, you want to focus on getting people to follow you. You can do this by putting relevant hashtags in your tweets. When you use relevant hashtags in your tweets you will reach people who aren’t necessarily following you but who are following the topic that you are tweeting about. Look at your tweets and try to imagine which hashtags would reach your preferred target audience. Don’t make it complicated or super specific, keep it simple. If you have trouble coming up with relevant hashtags, simply search for the subject in twitter and you will see the most recent post about that subject and the hashtags that are being used for it.

In our example we are going to turn “Model 3” into the hashtag “#Model3” because that is the most used hashtag for the Tesla Model 3 right now.


Mentioning others

Another important element in your tweet is mentioning the people or the companies that you are tweeting about. People who are interested in the person or company that you mention will be able to find your tweet when they search for it.

If you read a blog and want to share it, put “via @Source” at the end of your tweet. It boosts the boosts both the exposure of your tweet as well as the exposure of the blog. Talk about a win-win situation.

In our example we tweet about Tesla, simply put an @ in front of it and twitter will drop down a list of pages starting with Tesla. In our case, @TeslaMotors is the one we need. We could also use @elonmusk for a broader audience but we want to narrow down our audience to make sure we’re targeting the right people.



Timing your tweet

Timing your tweets also has an influence on how many people will see it. Depending on your target audience, we’d advise you to tweet during the afternoon because that’s when people are the most active on twitter. You could also tweet around 10 pm because people tend to scroll on twitter right before bed. If you tweet after midnight your tweet will reach less people than it would have in the other moments, just because most people will be asleep and won’t be able to read your tweets.

If you live in the Europe however, and you want to target people in the United States you should adjust your timing to match their timezone.


To follow or not to follow

Depending on what you do, it’s important to follow people with the same interests. For us it’s very important to follow people who are interested in business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing etc. Someone who sells cars, for example, might also be interested in car companies, car news, car technologies etc. People tend to follow back when you follow them, but that doesn’t mean you should spam the follow button!

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