How to use a Facebook-pixel

juli 5, 2017
juli 5, 2017 Mahyar

Do you want to make a Facebook ad that targets people who have already visited your website? It’s possible, thanks to the Facebook-pixel!

What is a Facebook-pixel?

The Facebook-pixel is a tool that you can use to target people who have visited your website in the past. It’s a piece of code that you need to integrate into the header of every page on your website. This gives you the possibility to make a target audience on Facebook that contains all the people who visited your site.

You can even limit that to the people who visited your site in the last X amount of days!


Why should you use a Facebook-pixel?

Good question! A Facebook-pixel is a nice tool for when you want to reach people that have already showed interest in your products/services. These are the people that have the highest chance of converting into paying customers and that is the goal of advertising, isn’t it?

The Facebook-pixel also gives you some statistics about how many people visited your page and the actions they took while visiting. You can track specific events like putting a product in your basket, purchasing an item, … so that you can target people who specifically did these things!


How do i make a Facebook-pixel?

It isn’t hard to make a Facebook-pixel! Facebook has a really useful guide on how to create one, you can click here to check it out. If you are having trouble creating one, you could always contact us on our website or on Facebook, we’d love to help!


Can i use it to increase my following?

The Facebook-pixel is not a great tool to increase your following even though you will reach some people who aren’t following your page yet. If you are looking for ways to increase your following on Facebook, you can check out our previous blog: 4 tips to increase your following on facebook.

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