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Why your business needs influencer marketing

It’s no longer a secret: Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your products or services online. If your business is not doing Influencer Marketing right now, you’re missing out big time. With a well executed Influencer Marketing Campaign you won’t only have high ROI. You’ll also increase brand awareness and gain enormous amounts of traction. Besides that, you’ll also gain something regular ads can never truly give you: authenticity.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where brands work together with social influencers to present their products or services to new potential customers. These social influencers are people who have a large amount of followers on social media and that can use their influence to affect the buying decision of their followers. Think of it as word of mouth advertising at scale.

There are multiple reasons why your business should do Influencer Marketing but in this blog we’ll focus on the 3 most relevant reasons. I’m talking about trust, reach/interaction and authenticity.


It’s an age-old phenomenon: people trust people. If a family member, friend or colleague recommends a product to you, there’s a big chance you’ll trust the product more and so the chances of you buying that product increases drastically. This is because you trust the person who recommends it to you and that trust reflects on the product they recommended to you. You’ll never be able to convince the customer that another product is better just by advertising because people are naturally more sceptical towards brands. They’ll always choose the trust of a person they know over a brand they barely know.

With Influencer Marketing you can use this to your advantage. How? People have a trust relationship with the people they follow online. They feel like they really know them and they hear from them and their day to day life on a daily basis. They feel somehow connected to the influencers they follow, kind of like the connection they feel with their peers.

If a trusted influencer recommends you a product, that trust also reflects onto the product and you’ll have a higher chance to buy that product in the future.

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Reach and interaction

The organic reach and interaction on social media for company pages has been declining for years now. According to research from buffer, the interaction with posts from company pages has decreased with over 50% in the last 18 months alone. This will decrease even more when the new Facebook news feed algorythm goes live. The reach and interaction for business profiles on Instagram is slowly declining aswell as a result of oversaturation of content.

Don’t get too pessimistic though, Influencer Marketing is here to save us. By actively looking for strategic collaborations with influencers, you can make use of their enormous reach and high interaction rates. You can help the influencers make a living off their fame while they help you get your products or services out there. That sounds like a win-win to me.

PRO TIP: When choosing influencers to do business with, always look at the ratio of interaction compared to the amount of followers they have to see the authenticity of their following. You don’t want to spend money on advertising your product to a following that doesn’t even see it.


Influencer Marketing also enables you to advertise to very specific audiences. This is also called hypertargeting. If you sell bodybuilding supplements you can find influencers who’s content is all about fitness and bodybuilding. Most of their following will consist of people interested in bodybuilding and fitness so you’ll instantly hit the right audience.

Hypertargeting refers to the ability to deliver advertising content to specific interest-based segments in a network. Hypertargeting is also the ability on social network sites to target ads based on very specific criteria.

Bij het selecteren van influencers voor een bepaalde campagne kan je ook altijd best even vragen naar hun statistieken. Hier kan je zien wat de geografische gegevens van zijn/haar volgers. Dit is belangrijk als je product of dienst beperkt is tot een bepaalde leeftijdscategorie of locatie.

When selecting influencers for a specific campaign, you should always ask for their statistics/analytics/demographics. This enables you to see the demographics of their followers so you can make sure it’s right for your product or service. Knowing this is especially important if you have a product or service that has a specific age or location requirement.

How do you start?

When executed right, Influencer Marketing can offer huge growth and traction for your business. But it can be very tricky to do it right. You’ll have to set the right KPI’s, find the right influencers for your product or service, monitor the results, pivot where necessary, … This is not always as easy when you’re a busy entrepreneur. Luckily their are digital agencies like King’s Agency that specialize in Influencer Marketing who would love to help you out.

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