Why your website needs a live chat

augustus 16, 2018
Posted in Webdesign
augustus 16, 2018 Mahyar

Having a live chat has loads of benefits. It’s easy to use, your visitors have a way of contacting you and you can do it all from your phone! In this blogpost i’m going to go over all the reasons why you should implement a live chat on your website. Stay tuned!


Customers want answers. Fast.

We live in a society where everything is extremely fast and customer service is no exception to this. Gone are the days where you had to wait 24 to 48 hours for a reply to your customer service e-mail. If you don’t have a live chat where customers can reach you in a matter of minutes/hours, you’re behind on the competition.

If you can answer live chats in an average of 1-3 hours, you’ll still be lightyears ahead of your competitors who still have the “customer service will respond in 24-48 hours” label on their website. Don’t let this opportunity to get an advantage over your competitors slip by!


Live chat is very efficient

There’s a lot of reasons why live chat is more efficient than conventional customer service methods. One of them is the amount of customers you can help at once. A customer service employee who answers customers questions over the phone can only handle one customer at a time. With a live chat you can help multiple customers at once. A single customer service employee can triple his/her results by merely switching from phone to live chat.

Most live chat services also give you the possibility to download their app on your phone. This way you can answer questions from customers while out of the office. Don’t worry though, you can still turn off your availability from the app so you’ll still be able to enjoy your free time 😉


It’s a killer sales tool

When your website has a live chat, you can monitor who is visiting your website and what part of your website they’re on. This way you can start a conversation with potential customers when they are on certain parts of your website. This is huge, anyone with some knowledge of online sales know its very important to approach your leads at the right time to make them convert.

Don’t just use the live chat to answer customer questions. Use it as a sales tool and pro-actively approach customers to offer them help. You can also set triggers that will automatically send a message to visitors when they are visiting a certain page or when they have been on your website for a certain amount of time.


Build trust

Having a live chat increases your availability by vast amounts and this gives potential customers more trust in your business. They know how and where they can reach you if they ever run into trouble and they know you’ll respond quickly. When you pro-actively greet them through your live chat, they will feel more welcome as well. This all impacts your chances of converting your potential customers.


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