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We help businesses grow trough online marketing.


A well designed website can work miracles for your business. We design and develop professional websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Looking for ways to generate more leads for your sales team? Is cold calling not giving you the results you want? We can help you with that.


Attract, nurture and educate your potential customers with high quality content. Our team of content creators is ready and able to help you put out content on every possible platform.


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QIQO is a start-up from Antwerp, founded by 3 motivated, young entrepreneurs. They have created a tea that is 100% natural without any added sugars that keeps you energized throughout the day. They already had a website but it wasn't optimized to handle a lot of traffic and optimize conversions. Introducing King's Agency! We helped them completely remodel their website so it could handle the huge amount of traffic they generated from their tv appearance.

Franck Misja

Franck Misja has been specialized in roofing, heating, plumbing and renovation for over 20 years. To increase his online presence, Misja opted for a brand new website by King's Agency. He wanted a website where he could post pictures of his projects and to make it easier for potential customers to find him. He was very pleased with the result and so are we!


Sympl is a start-up from Antwerp that helps entrepreneurs and businesses find and recruit their ideal employees. They pre-screen hundreds of candidates en choose the top 3 most qualified candidates for each job offer. They already had a killer website and a solid online marketing strategy but they came to us for a very specific challenge: a growth hack. They needed a scraper which would allow them to scrape job offers in certain areas from indeed.com. It was certainly a challenge, but that's exactly what we like here at King's Agency.

Our Works